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 +==== 20170202 ====
 +Hranice \\
 +http://​​note/​157043#​map=17/​49.76400/​15.69060&​layers=N ​
-20170213_112803.jpg +A an open sunny day with +5˚C temperatures but an icecold wind blowing constantly from the northWent for long walks through the hills and fieldsDid not meet anyoneLater that evening on re-designed the way the 7 windclocks have to go online with web sockets, via the Multiplace server, accessible from anywhere.  
-20170213_122944.jpg + 
-20170213_122947.jpg +{{weatherreports:​20170213_230459.jpg?400|}}
-20170213_122951.jpg +
-20170213_122954.jpg +
-20170213_122958.jpg +
-20170213_123006.jpg +
-20170213_170544.jpg +
-20170213_170611.jpg +
-20170213_170633.jpg +
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