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 http://​​note/​157043#​map=17/​49.76400/​15.69060&​layers=N ​ http://​​note/​157043#​map=17/​49.76400/​15.69060&​layers=N ​
-{{weatherreports:​20170218_131401.jpg?​400|}} +{{weatherreports:​20170218_131401.jpg?​300|}} 
-{{weatherreports:​20170218_131419.jpg?​400|}} +{{weatherreports:​20170218_131419.jpg?​300|}} 
 +Grey days, not too bad actually, the temperatures went over 0˚C at night and won't go under again for a while. Spring is coming, the snow is slowly melting, sometimes it rains. The old cellar is having 30cm of water.  
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