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Field Recording

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I am interested in recording the sound of the weather. What is does the weather sound like: wind, rain, sunshine, temperatures, humidity, light, … maybe footsteps that reflect the weather conditions. I don't know, you? Or we can ask ourselves, what is the weather like today, tomorrow, in the future.. is it still normal or what is happening?


I brought a Tascam digital recorder and 2 dpa electret microphones (for stereo recording) and we just went recording in the woods around Brno.

favu-20170328_165937.jpg favu-20170328_170030.jpg favu-20170328_170035.jpg favu-20170328_170044.jpg

Ow, would someone add the GPS values and point to an openstreetmap location?
And if there is an ornitologist around can (s)he tell me what birds we hear?

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