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Songs From Memory (with Golo F)

Street Recordings (with Phill VK)

streets of gent, a street recording: Gívan Belá; a guest on bariton sax: Phill Van Keymeulen

17 conversations about birds (for Peter Courtemanche)

2 Files For Ghosttransmissions, For Nico Dockx

1. 2 Barrels 2 Loggers 1 Dog 1 Sneeze (The Ghost Mix)

TK asked to record the two blue barrels in the cowshed, because he wanted to analyse their pitch for a piece he is working on. Two wood choppers and the microphones in the wrong spot produced this sublime accidental percussion piece. The ghost is the dog, barking in the back, and sneezing in the end.

wav format

2. Doppler On A Bike Day And The Dog Is At It Again (The Ghost Mix)

175 years ago, Christian Doppler gave a lecture to the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences and published “Über das farbige Licht der Doppelsterne und einiger anderer Gestirne des Himmels”. We wanted to find out if the Doppler Effect can be perceived while one is biking and a church bell is ringing. What is the minimal speed for perceiving a Doppler Shift? Somehow the dog sneaked in again, and bit a microphone. For sure dog is a ghost, omnipotent and ubiquitous.

wav format

A File For Art's Birthday 2018, For Peter Courtemanche

For a long standing creative friendship across oceans and continents with Peter. Recorded on 20180110 in Hranice, a windy place, the day wind gusts were reaching 90 kms/h. Running around just listening to the wind. Against my principles, there is no real processing on the file, just a silencing of noise in the microphones, a couple of DPA's by the way, and the Tascam elektrets in an akward position. No repetitions, no dubbing. Maybe the temperature (0˚C) had an influence. No noise, just wind. Suddenly while uploading changed the title from 'in the house of the winds' to 'in time of winds', to avoid further explanations. Have a nice Art's or Arts' Birthday 2018! Here is the collective piece Peter put together:

wav format

A Russian Birthday Song For Art's Birthday 2018, Gívan Belá & Geza Roman Bobb, or Hranice-Berlin

We were making each half of the song, based on a Slavic Birthday song.
Here is the original

And here is an intermediate version, just sang and played with the original in mind and playing in the background, wanted to take this away, but I guess this is a present for the more conventional inclined:
wav format
mp3 format and

Like all good party people we were coming too late, and kept lingering out there for too long.
One instance of the song could have been like:
wav format
ogg format and for downloading…

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