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-====== ​Ouje. ====== +====== ​Hello. ====== 
-{{:​anything:​wp_20170312_13_20_47_pro.jpg?150|}} +So about this field recording; \\ 
- +I dont have anything special in mind that we as group should record.\\ 
-I´m slowly catching up.   +I personally would probably attach some small recording device (that i hope i will borrow somewhere today) to my litter-picking tool and record the sound of walking around and picking garbage.\\ 
-  * Unordered List Item +This is how the tool looks like:\\ 
-  * Otázka je, jak udělat řádky +{{:​anything:​foldable-pick-up-grabber-gripper-reacher-lock-holdertools-kitchen-font-b-litter-b-font-reaching-font.jpg?400|}}{{:anything:​foldable2-pick-up-grabber-gripper-reacher-lock-holdertools-kitchen-font-b-litter-b-font-reaching-font.jpg?400|}}
- +
-TakžeJak udělat řádky?​\\ +
-Zkusím napsat řádek, co to udělá. +
- +
-"tak jo" +
- +
-<​code>​ ojojoooj, co to tu máme (!(!§-ů÷÷÷÷÷×× [guvno] </​code>​+
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