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The BioFeetPack

Instruments for the Marching Arts Marching Band

We give you something interesting to read, meantime we can work out this page.

The idea is to sonify your footsteps with self-chosen sounds, which get activated by force sensors in your shoes. During summer we worked at some experimental electronics with ESP32 small single board computers. They were used while playing live on the sound scores of Ataxik Gaits with The Next Marching Arts Fanfarý. The idea of Ataxik Gaits occured during the making of the BioFeetPack. We realized how irregular our footsteps are most of the time, esp. when you are doing things in and around the house, even when walking with someone, or alone, often standing still to observe something. So we were selecting some small 'ataxic' moments in our field recordings as basic tracks for The Next Marching Arts Fanfarý concert at Next Festival Bratislava 2021.

A full description, with all electronic parts and code examples, will soon be here.

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