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[Title Of Work] by Rural Development

Link: Rural Development: 22. __[Title Of Work]__

A network node with 5 open mikes from (semi)rural environments. A garden in Tokyo, a Kleingarten in Berlin, a yurt near the Baltic Sea, an arboretum in Kerminy-Bretagne and an old state farm in Hranice-Vysočina. The origin of the piece lies in the special character of the virtual band Rural Development, with its ad hoc dispersed connected musicians acting on different situated ideas and environmental relations. The piece 22. is about how we deal with different corporeal, political and romantic concepts of nature in our artificial and social networks: from pure and harmonious to mixed or ignored and fractured, real or imagined. The live performance interacts with its geodisolocated sound tapestry, as the day and night creatures continue to whistle and howl, using a timbral open set of indicators based on unsuspicious instrument types and resonances. 22 hours as an experiment about human relationships, about how we listen and play in this (in)escapable (un)natural world, while hiding dominance and uncertainty with a terrible lack of sleep. Starts 24 August 2022 at 14h and continues for 22 hours.

The work is an 22-h long real-time radio piece for Esch's Radio Art Zone on 24 August 2022. Esch-sur-Alzette is one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2022.

RuralDevelopment consists of a non limited number of ad-hoc artists interested in countryside development and maintainance, performing outdoors and often off-grid through field recordings, open mikes, DIY instruments, walking, hardly meeting in real, but still with a close relationship on-line and with connected media in their nature

Rural Development works on several sections that come together on August 24, 2022.

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