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Rural Development

Rural Development is a comprehensive term. It essentially focuses on action for the development of areas outside the mainstream urban economic system. Rural Development is the process of improving the quality of life and well-being of people living in rural areas, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. But there is more to it. Rural development is a deep critique on the hitherto one-sided city ideas and debates, mindlessly imposed on everyone. The prognosis that the largest part of the world population within 20 years will live in a city context is totally speculative (no one can point out who came up with that idea and what that is based on, and if so… what about the others like us?). Any subtility about the current situation is hereby lacking, and this city-countryside dichotomy bluntly clouds a more realistic historical way of planning: open spaces (common and private), dispersed dwellings, sedimentary villages, rural towns, larger cities, wandering groups/individuals. And their needs. Meantime wasting all available resources and assets for the unhappy few (in the city of course). The same goes for art and the rest of culture. More complex understandings of the diverse behaviour of the world contributes to more versatile and dynamic attitudes and likings, and environmental care. With innovating ideas and aesthetics, DIY technologies that make sense where you are, with whom you are and have fun with, with whom and what you work or make something. Rural Development is a way of future thinking, not like the depressive one-sided and outdated political, industrial and social rules and laws based on memories of a forlorn past, and pragmatically based on mere individual rewardings. Rural Development hints at a novel existence: dynamical, creative and limitless. But most of all it expresses the will never to be fixed in a prescriptive, and compulsory system. Rural Development goes for the open and shared, diverse and experimental solutions, as they will be changing anyway with the weather, soil, or sunlight. Only out of chaos new temporary systems can emerge, an unexpected new creativity gets born, fitting in with the surroundings and disharmonic as they will always be: like the bells in the towers, the ethernal birdsongs every morning and evening, and most of the natural phenomena we experience. But remember we are just animals and always will be, like all the others. Opgepast/attention/achtung/pozor/yojin suru!: Rural Development is here to Connect and Play!

January 18, 2021: Art's Birthday
Digital Traditionals, Fresh From The Greenhouse!

May 1+2, 2021: Reveil
Four Sunrises

July 17, 2021: World Listening Day
Three Moments In A Day

January 17, 2022: Art's Birthday

May 1, 2022: Reveil
the whole bunch again

August 23-24, 2022: Cultural Capital Esch 2022
[Title of Work] for Radio Art Zone (2022)

January 17, 2023: Art's Birthday 2023: Scenes from Memory 22.
Last August Rural Development (p2p-band, Tokyo-Berlin-Hranice-Kerminy-Bratislava-Gdansk-…) was playing a long 22 hour live online radio performance from the countryside. All we remember we can only give to Art. Hereafter, all we imagine will only be given to Art. If it will be remembered. The Art's Birthday Network

May 7, 2023: Réveil #10

May 3-4, 2024: Réveil #11
WASR or Water@SunRise

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