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Compositions (studio as an organizm)

During this reflective year 2019, there are several theoretical, aesthetical, and technical ideas to be explored. This wiki serves as a notebook, where threads can be developed and thoughts, searches and tryouts can be documented.

Preliminary ideas

For the realization of Magellan-20 and Sunification-21, as well as developing the ideas about a new kind of production place StudioAsOrganizm (a studio connected to the outside world) / Tubelab (a natural observation point, an update on TuboFest), we bring together some ideas. Also a technical investigation into new kind of technologies that allow to build out an artistic working environment for the future. Finally some elaborations and further developments are tentatively mentioned as continued development.

Future Works Today

  • StraightMagellan – some ideas about 500 years ago Magellan when sailed around the world
  • Sunification – an investigation after a request from the Music Museum Prague for an installation

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