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TubÓtech describes a way of working with sound, connected from anywhere to resonant bodies in open fields. There is a TubÓtech Technical Description, a TubÓtech Problem-Maker as a Problem-Solver, a repository of ideas and realisations: listen to the stream of expressivity, consciousness, and sound! there is music.

Oh! Roura! Au Roara,

Creativity is only expressivity of our relationships to the environment we perceive.
This never ending composition is based on the following 'Some Principles for Compositions about Nature':

Each of these relationships can be explored and expressed in a longer improvisation with parts, themes, techniques that make sense within an expressive environment. But here are the illustrations to give you an idea..

Weather Reports

Clockmakers (Time Inventors' Kabinet) we are, and fascinated by time and natural phenomena.

More WeatherReports will follow.


Succour is a piece that is set in 2059-2064, when everything is and is done differently…

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