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The Undefined

a wiki novel



  1. Different animals manifest different modes of perception
  2. Similar differences are seen among individual humans
  3. For the same human, information perceived with the senses is self-contradictory
  4. Furthermore, it varies from time to time with physical changes
  5. In addition, this data differs according to local relations
  6. Objects are known only indirectly through the medium of air, moisture, etc.
  7. These objects are in a condition of perpetual change in colour, temperature, size and motion
  8. All perceptions are relative and interact one upon another
  9. Our impressions become less critical through repetition and custom
  10. All humans are brought up with different beliefs, under different laws and social conditions


  • the true relation between a cause and effect is impossible to determine
  • to every argument another argument is opposed with the same strength
  • all actions are products of pleasure and pain, good and evil
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