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Dear Jan ...

You asked me to write a pamphlet. Or something about a pamphlet. The first thoughts went out to all the comments and snippets written on pieces of paper, on the back of receipts and bills, on recuperated envelopes and letters. There is a large pile, unread and never again to be read again, lying around, unordered. So it became a puzzle rather than a pamphlet. But the question is also: what is a pamphlet? Or: what was a pamphlet. And what is it today. Even more interesting: what can be a Next Pamphlet?

Definitely its form is part of the history of media, throughout centuries used and changed for bringing information. Starting from illiterate audiences, to specific target groups, to … to whom does it appeal today? Definitely it is part of a social media history. But now that we lost the printing press, where does it leave us within the communication machine that is so deeply digging inside our lives, our physical existence in our environments.

Maybe you asked the wrong person to write about it, but let's give it a try anyway. Writing it in a wiki, you can add, delete, change it at will. And so can others who know more about it and from other places in this world. In the end we all are ending anonymous anyway.

What is a pamphlet? (ChatGPT)

A pamphlet is a small, unbound booklet or leaflet containing information, usually on a single subject. Pamphlets are typically short and concise, often consisting of a few sheets of paper folded together. They are used for the distribution of information, promotion of a cause, or advocacy of a particular viewpoint. Pamphlets can be printed or produced in digital format and are commonly used for educational, political, or promotional purposes.

Historically, pamphlets have been an important medium for disseminating ideas, especially during times of social or political change. They have been used for various purposes, including political campaigning, religious advocacy, and educational outreach. Pamphlets are distinguished by their brevity and focus on a specific topic, making them an effective tool for communicating information in a straightforward and accessible manner.

What is a Pamphlet? (wikipedia)

pamphlet (plural pamphlets)

  • A small, brief printed work, consisting either of a folded sheet of paper, or several sheets bound together into a booklet with only a paper cover, formerly containing literary compositions, newsletters, and newspapers, but now chiefly informational matter.
  • (specifically) Such a work containing political material or discussing matters of controversy.
  • (obsolete) A brief handwritten work.

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