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Notes for Pamphlets I don't want to write anymore

In the bedroom next to the architect table (40 years ago, a friend was cleaning up a house and the owner, the writer Hugo Claus, wanted to get rid of it, the pedal to raise the desk didn't work anymore and one day all the oil ran out) there is a box full of notes, from the last months only. The notes are moslty written on old envelopes, the backs of receipts, commercial flyers they still drop in the mailbox (for instance when they are selling chicken in the village). In the attic there are many more boxes, full of notes from the last 40 years. Many boxes disappeared. That happens when you are moving across Europe too much and too far. What is left, including the box next to Claus' table, will probably never be read. Today we are having apps to make notes, on phones, tablets and computers. Much easier to combine with pictures, recordings, spoken and sung by others, or just sound happening around, plans and schemes, drawings, etc and now I became a writer like everyone just endlessly and at every moment of the day creating data

1. Auto eroticism and sound art

 or the obsession of humans to enjoy exclusive human made 
 noise/sound and their own species' activities: somehow we 
 have to change creative strategy after years being inspired 
 by accidental situations we found ourselves in towards chosing 
 more diverse environments that are more representative for  
 our future expressivity, the only way we seem to make sense 
 of this timely world

2. New Songwriting

 A: Would you ever have time to make a song that does(n't) change the world?
 B: Why a song? 
 A: Because half of the world’s population will be myopic by 2050.

3. The inescapable conservatism of (most of) art today

 Artists never have the intention to change the art world 
 bend or cross its regulations and rules, or change its interactions 
 Apart from a protected exclusive self-evaluation arts' society supporters 
 (creators and providers, distributors and promotors, managers and agents, 
 organizers and curators, sellers and buyers, visitors) remain 
 radically pragmatic and for that reason will deny vehemently 
 this conservative nature of all actors, forms,  content, media
 That is how a never to be realized promise can survive 
 to secure the persistence and resilience of a global **MaUSolEUM** 
 of selected and preserved artifacts over time decaying as material 
 but inversely proportional increasing in value forever

4. Creativity and Evolution

 Maybe the only way to understand creativity is to link it to the imagination, 
 a possibility to structure predictions, change this dynamically and forget it all 
 selectively when or because it is not needed anymore. Both sex drive (humans as poseurs) 
 and archive (persistence to impress) as well as media (the aesthetics of communication) 
 can play a role, while importance is relative. 
 Hey Darwin, maybe here is your missing link between survival strategies and beauty as randomness?

Interludium 1 Maybe Einstein was right! And rotating black holes are stable?

5. Restoration to Renovation, Renewal and Innovation

 What was the failure of Modernism?
 Only the boring dominant obsession with straight lines, minimalism?
 Why was postmodernism so sad and ugly?
 Only the kitsch and decorations lacking character?

6. It's better not to write anymore

 Too much has been written before
 It makes everything senseless
 It's better not to write anything
 Consumes less materials and energy
 You see, the ecological agrees as well
 it is better in the end

7. The genetics of change

 A: About 330 billion cells are replaced in a human body DAILY
 that is almost a new person every 80 days.
 B: Good thing, but how come most of the people are so conservative? 
 Probably people's cells and their dreams do contradict with social renewal
 A: It is a mystery
 B: When I wrote "scary" i was just thinking about the tendency of a conservative environment 
 to impose an uniform moral judgement on all aspects of society behaviour, 
 also as a major standard for evaluation of expressivity
 If one tries to fight this you are doomed for sure
 Both č. and k. in their re/actions seem to walk in line with expectations, 
 The conformisation is scarily including opposites, 
 without allowing for anything deviant or innovative
 A: Have you noticed that people we met 20 years ago think we are still the same? 
 B: How many politicians have ever changed conservative views for progressive ones? 

8. Jouhatsu

 and slowly over night we all become one complex amorphous but radiating mingled being
 only to disintegrate in the morning, to have breakfast and go to work as 2 split off half forms
 each part occupied by different external schemes 
 (though still the nightly sensations are lingering on as an inescapable memory)
 we are not here but we are here
 have you also noticed getting older that one easily becomes sort of 'unseen'
 it's fine, most of the time it is a relief

Interludium 2 Why the social emancipation ideas behind the Commune de Paris (1870-71) are still not realized today

Interludium 3 Something to watch and wonder about:
Gustavo Petro's climate speech in the UN

9. The Last Art

 there is this feeling that art is over, done
 it has been enough and was around for too long
 especially last century it became clear that no one knew what new to do anymore 
 these days what else remains than some mere decorative objects 
 integrating fast with design and illustration
 then there is enough in museums and galleries that allow for 
 the leisure and fun of a one day visit
 to send to friends and unknowns some one liners about on social media
 with an occasional vertical picture from the phone

10. Let's Play

 till now sound and music was considered a matter of humans among one another
 part of the competition of domination of an environment 
 from just around till a magistral vision of the whole earth 
 the immediate atmosphere, to block one another but also entirely 
 what is considered life, biotics and abiotica, and soon including biologics 
 (as we learned a new word from the USA military indicating extraterrestrials)
 let's change it fundamentally and from now on only make music
 within the structure of the surroundings but conform to the rich existing patterns 
 of bio and geosound phenomena: just listen and dig in, accompany, never go solo
 let's play, also with the ones who don't know how to play 
 recoding has to happen in the first place from within ourselves
 and remember always that there is no way back

11. Introspection

 maybe there is no believing in the right/wrong explanation
 maybe morality doesn't exist (wondering for 40 years about it already) 
 maybe we are just afraid of admitting we are no one and nothing
 to be stuck in the boredom of being alive without a purpose
 like all other bío and abio 
 maybe that's the thing that drives us to senseless killing
 music, humanitarian aid, broadcasting, pollution, affection, and more 
 who will tell

12. Borders in cultural attitudes, the manufacturing of Metaphysics

 also don't write about: 
   * historical Christianity and Puritanism as a cultural outcome, following the solar border through Europe
   * eko-anarchism and the centralized state, autonomy and submission
   * forgiveness, punishment and the production of guilt
   * political diversity, historical tax system remnants, social care
   * metastasis or the production of cells, the creation of bodies till societies, to escape and be part of

13. Storytelling

 the others were getting impatient 
 they seemed lost in his kaleidoscopes and meandering details 
 they wanted a fact, a target, a straight line, a point
 he wanted to show that circumstances were as important as the events 
 maybe there was no end 
 sometimes he could not remember a beginning anymore 
 he could only continue till they shut him up or walked out

Interludium 4 The New Politician style = self-willed, historically and geographically blind, arrogant, but most of all making contradictory statements in the media with intentional stupidity

Interludium 5 In the Ghent city dialect, to forgive and to poison are the same word: “vergeven”

14. The Physics of Rainfall

 there is a difference between the sound of raindrops falling on roof tiles
 window panes and uncountable leaves, soil or uneven stones
 and its ever-changing hissing, while its delicate smells linger on
 how to measure raindrop size and rainfall rate, its direction 
 how to weigh the mass of a single raindrop (0.004mg to 300mg)
 and how to estimate its speed (9.8m/s to 13m/s)
 where does it come from, really from 2000m high? 
 the end of all our onomatopoeic words
 bubble, burble, gargle, gurgle, plop 
 pitter-patter, slosh, splash, splosh
 splatter, sputter, swoosh, or tinkle
 this is the end of listening

15. Creativity is so weird but nothing special

 Read all about it: **Pareidolia** is the tendency for perception 
 to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus
 usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning 
 where there is none
 Also the **Kahlbaum's syndrome** is a catatonic symptom 
 characterized by continuous and purposeless rhythmic repetition 
 of words and sentences that are meaningless or insignificant 
 (also echolalia)

16. To forgive and to forget

 Forgiveness becomes obsolete
 When you understand the other
 Even an apology is not needed
 When you can see the changes
 And understand
 Forgotten that
 After 20 years and more
 Of distance
 There would not be 

22. XXI Rurality

 leaving the cities behind, one has to be prepared for the emptiness
 while it needs time to adjust to its richness and beauty, meantime
 as an artist you become part of a kind of minority, excluded forgotten
 while returning to the city for any reason becomes after a couple of days
 sort of unbearable, so you return to be surrounded by the isolated others
 (the fate of humans: not to be able to communicate with other species)

23. Characters

 While travelling
   * woman with dog (c'mon Eddy, she said)
   * nun with a baseball cap (reading and having an internal monologue)
   * Franz und Manfred (repeating one another, with gradual changes in the conversation)
   * older woman with the irregular sounding cracking telephone (Nordhausen! Crkrcjkrc! Beep!)
   * spanish mother and daughter (describing a passerby saying immer blöde immer blöde)
   * a man in a wheelchair fainting (hanging in my arms and helped by an asian girl)
   * two men on the rolling stairs in the metro (going through my pockets and stealing my library card)

Interludium 6 Beautiful Product

24. Reco[R]dings

 field recordings becoming //recodings//: 
   * using smart apps for analysis and recognition of species in field recordings
   * working on it with new creative tools e.g. descriptor based synthesis
   * ask other people: make a citizen involved science-art

25. The sarcasm of the jester

 ... out of fashion today! 

26. Message from The Geriatric Art Club

 maybe it's time to go (really) underground 
 for a couple of years or longer
 and hope to wake up in a new century
 With new sounds new movements new behaviours 
 new thoughts new beauty
 Let's tell the government these kids 
 should get young teachers only
 And kick them out of education once they are 21
 to give them the freedom to experiment 
 and change a world
 don't get it wrong: we honour the past
 but if even avant-garde and alternative art 
 keeps regenerating retro-wise mythologies
 then culture will keep producing a gradually 
 more conservative and cleansed society 
 with extreme rightist thinking rulers/artists/organizers/etc
 maybe I am barking up the wrong tree

27. Two words about climate change after 2050


28. The radical Left around 1980

 they were right about the capitalist intentions
 the breakdown of social security
 the privatisation of all 
 the arts education pension funds health care transport etc...
 the end of the autonomy of science
 what's next to come? 

29. Song for the people we lost this year and for the people who felt lost too

 the only thing left to do is
 sit outside and cry together
 it is the end of song itself
 there is no music when
 there is only crying left
 and what's the weather like 

30. The accident

 it happened some years ago and don't know how
 amnesia set in so don't ask the details
 a double salto and lying on the road upside down
 since then at any moment an emotional reaction occurs
 never happened before or maybe these things
 were not remembered either or were just indifferent
 but also something else seems to have changed in 
 relationships towards others and getting annoyed with
 stabilizing repetitions in habit formation there
 or maybe, it is time going by and we were just 
 in general fed up with society's fixation on preservation 
 and control, with a constantly decreasing dynamism
 instead of a new climate of laissez faire, and openness
 but, then it has nothing to do with the accident
 and we don't have to remake Marinetti's car crash 
 and never write any manifesto any more

31. Where are the ideologies?

 maybe political divisions as we see them emerge throughout the world
 are not to be understood in old ideological terms like right vs. left
 maybe these are new expressions of dynamical pragmatic visions 
 attempting to control the distribution of power, industrial resources, media, etc 
 and align them with the new constructions of mythological etnicity and nationalism? 
 they can only be satisfactory of all of them are in the middle, 
 and no opposition to this contradictory monolith is possible anymore
 (how else can socialists march with nationalists with liberals and the green?)

32. Writing

 don't try to rewrite or rephrase history from your own position
 there is a fair chance you are talking next to the point

33. Air

 hold your breath
 but not for too long
 or it gets

34. The Fool

 to label, to number, to list up
 is already like giving in to the domination
 of logical hierarchies, causality
 and the reversal of purpose and means
 (Oh! what a fool I am!)
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