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The Rural Open Streams for [Title of Work]

On the day itself 24 August 2022, from all participating Rural Locations, we generate a multisite open mike stream.

This will function as a 22 hour continuous background, and useful for running at anytime within the radio transmission. As Rural Development is playing along with nature, instead of nature playing along with the musicians, it is an essential characteristic anchor point for the band. Also in case of failures, or some additional sonic-sensual needs this could be mixed in and out…

Let's make all our streamboxes, battery operated and stable for the time going.
The last weekend of May we started an online workshop.
By now we have 3 streamboxes operational: Berlin, Hranice, Kerminy. Additionally some local transmissions are planned with the joined Super Radio Rural infrastructure.

Here come some notes and documentation…

Some general links and helpfiles

Streambox Hranice (Gívan)

  • Installed: PI zero wh + IQAudio Codec Zero + 2 electret primo EM172 mics or Zoom H3-VR for binaural
  • Tech note: USB Power Battery with (too) small solar panel, currently working with built-in MEMS
  • Also configured a Pisound for streaming which I plan to use for the RuralLiveIntervention, but for this read the additional PisoundNotes

Streambox Berlin 1 (Geza)

  • Installed: Raspberry PI zero wh + IQAudio Codec Zero + 2 electret primo EM172 mics with furry wind covers
  • Power bank 13.800 mAh, transmission over Huawei E5576-320 on a long OTG cable (or only via internal modem battery to get even more distance from the mics in order to avoid transmission clicks)

Streambox Kerminy (Dom+Jef)

Streambox Berlin 2 (Marco)

Streambox Tokio (Akihiro)

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