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Réveil 2023


The latest reincarnation of Rural Development, is to restart it all, and with the lessons learned see how it works on the local side. Also a simple idea: how to make a sonic 3D scanner. An experiment.

For Réveil #10 Rural Development is concentrating on the theme of Field Recodings: how to create a sonic scan of a natural environment. A representable Field/Area/Array/Mesh/… Instead of recording at one place with different microphones in specific positions/angles, we sit in an area with whatever recording gear we have. This is all streamed to a central point that checks the relative positions of the participants, and generates a binaural/spatial representation. Maybe we can move slowly and force the model into a set of vectors. Maybe it does not sound right to our human ears, maybe the birds are disturbed by this strange behaviour. Maybe nothing works next time the sun is rising. After all we are a silly species trying to make sense of everything by avoiding observing only. Let's find out soon…

  • Hranice, Novy Dvůr, Chotěboř.
  • Broadcast time (your location UTC+2): SUN 04:48 - SUN 05:24
  • Broadcast time (stream location UTC+2): SUN 04:48 - SUN 05:24 (Civil Twilight - Sunrise)
  • Coordinates: +49.764°, +15.6906°

The recordings at resp. 4.24h and 5.48h:

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