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Schubert Dubbed

Golo hated Schubert's music, Gívan gave up on the trumpet teacher, who was forcing in a Schubert piece. After listening to Die Schöne Mullerin and Die Winterreise we were arriving at Der Leiermann. We both thought this was a fantastic interpretation:

After some initial uneasiness with giving up our former resentments, we agreed to work on this composition for a little while independently. Each our own way of course. Make a dub version whatever that would mean today…

For me from minimal to maximal, with the combination of perfect fifths and fourths, in three parts separating piano and singer themes, to bring them back together with what Golo will come up with, hmmm… it will work it won't work but it will certainly be different than what I am telling here…

Funny enough, somehow within in an evening our attitude towards Schubert had changed (at least about this piece haha!).

The PN#0 version

So the first idea is to split the composition in 3 parts, and work on each segment separately:

  • 1] E+A bass chords
  • 2] the piano solo theme
  • 3] and the singer's theme


So this is just a beginning. More to follow later, differently, but what I tried is to play the E+A sounds on several instruments that are around like an old piano, an old tuba, an old baskřidlovka, my family's Saint-Hubert hunting horn, an old harmonium, all in their own state of tuning. Finally asked my 10-year old son to play the chords on his old akordeon. Took the piano sounds' variable length as a rhythm, chopped up and adjusted the rest, and mixed it down in Reaper with IEM's ambisonic plugins. Like I said before it's just a beginning and want other people to come in and play (something better) on top of the basic structure…

This was played as a basic track to improvise on in Punctum, Praha at the commemoration of our recently diseased friend, the composer Phill Niblock, for more information: Afterwards the same musicians played Phill's piece 2Lips (2008). A complete recording of the evening is available at: (thanks to Kryštof Pešek for the complete show). Miloš vojtěchovský made a recording of this piece and made it available at (thanks Miloš for our piece without adding distortion, hihi).

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