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A possible background for a KABLA (pronounce 'kabál' or 'kabala') poetika

five preliminary thoughts and ideas: but they have to be tested in action and not formalized before

1, The K Faktor (after Mauricio Kagel)

The parameters of the given environment are used instrumentally and expressively, or experimentally investigated and explored on their creative (read generative) value

2. The A Faktor (after the Actor Studio Technique)

Think of ourselves and others already living in a world 50 years from here, 50 years before total extinction which can be a fast mutation and disappearance while evolving into different species, and imagine any aesthetical implications, or the existence of a new kind of poetika fit for these times and not much reflecting past and the present (while writing this now)

3. The B Factor (after Agusto Boal)

Somehow an authenticity has to be respected, and all participants (actors, visitors, neighbours or friends) are part of the same creative process, so their unique relationship to a given environment has to be taken into account when setting off something to act on the situation, which means there are no superimposed timings for tasks but only responses to outcomes of interactions, leading to the emergence of new kind of interactions, overriding former types. As such the operational mode is to perceive this multiplicity and try to bridge in between structures by creating shifts, vectors and bridges in between (on the level of content, timing, spectrality, prosody,…) but certainly to avoid to repeat or match it

4. The L Faktor (after the mythological suicidal lemmings)

Time has to be defined by envelopes of processes taken from what is happening in the given environment, not by human inductive dominance or the sublimation of the dissipation of energy, which this sapiens-sapiens species now are always inclined to dominate with into a temporal-spatial situation (like in a theater, when the story is getting too boring, make a deus ex machina surprise to keep the attention captivated), but this does not make sense anymore as the the irrationality of human timing forced by non-sensically imposed deadlines is only supporting an outdated general suicidal lemming attitude (the current motor for both extinction on earth and interplanetary colonisation)

5. The ADSR Faktor (meaning: Anti Dogmatic Stimular Responsiveness)

Like Capt. Beefheart once said: “I'm doing a non-hypnotic music to break up the catatonic state… and I think there is one right now.” (2010)

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