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The piece is set between 2059-64. Somewhere in a borderzone near the Danube. it is where the Ottoman and Habsburger empires clashed, or where for centuries in the past the Slavic and Germanic wandering tribes left their marks on a uniform sedimentary culture. The world has come to terms with political diversity and conflict. The local language has assimilated the particular ways in which a totally mixed population has been communicating and expressing itself in a highly poetic expressivity. Society is completely organised by selfsustainable groups, providing events and workshops for creativity, learning, relaxing, healing and sports. A very small group of politicians, only available through media, seems to only be there as managers maintaining the DIY structure of the state. There is nothing else (possible) but DIY activities. Everything has to take place in fablabs, community gardens, living rooms and parks. There are a lot of local currencies, which seem to be coordinated via this piramidal and oligarchic structure, but no one knows what the real value of anything seems to be, neither who is really in control. But everything has a nano-value and is bargaining with it for personal benefit. There is no exchange, and everyone is in a kind of debt to one another. Maybe that is the idea of equality. On the other hand, everyone is very stimulating, positive and helpful. Each politician is - like everyone else - the perfect mix of former left and right, of populism and elitarianism, in a style mixed with eloquence and brutality at the same time. A politician does not really intervene in anything. Any common activity needs funding, and if not, will be suppressed. But then again, similar events are allowed at other times, maybe just to prove that diversity is good, who knows. There is not so much food available, nor animals, natural ones I mean. There is no hunger, no war, no conflict. Everyone joins in with anyone else. The living areas are divided in dry places or deserts on hills, and wet places like hot swamps near oceans and seas, with nothing in between. There is gradually less land and more water. Only a couple of places are habitable, or in a sense usable for survival. The human race has evolved and split into vegan birds, that bark, hop and cannot fly, and omnivore dogs that tsjirp, fly and cannot walk. Summerized, there are clean and polluted lands, wet and dry places. According to where people are, in the end everyone is either toasted, roasted, grilled or drowned. In herring barrels.

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