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A full description of how to make and install your own WindClock-III will be provided here in time.

Current prototype development state:

  • installed a raspberry pi 3 with a sensehat again, after messing up with python 3.5
  • python coded all data for realtime request available in a file
  • managed to install a couple of working online transfers with the new websockets/html5 protocols (finalizing is and now testing websocketd which is promising easier connectivity)
  • also working on an enviro phat hat with a zero pi w

Future work:

  • adding a waterproof temperature and ambient light sensor by extending the sensehat header pins
  • power: 5V-2A for the pi seems too much, so would use a Teensy with 3.3V 500mA (windclock-iv)
  • designing a shape/case for hanging it up and responsive to wind (physical calibration)
  • simple visualisation/sonification on the object (python will do, maybe puredata too)
  • work with more than one windclock (but keep it under 10 haha)
  • client-side for data capture (katastrof interpretation and sonification) in various programs

Make and install the real objects

  • rodchenko examples (see below, as a starter)
  • gtr-lahaag'z ultimate design: in the atkn wiki
  • I would just cut out a spiral out of a thin wooden plate and stretch from the middle up
  • we'll ask more people and try them all out? that is greater fun!

More details and progress the coming weeks…

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