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Buffoon's Needle Drop

The band is playing on original 3D printed instruments, based on designs from nature. The first instruments are based on the human larynx, and the way it is operating under various circumstances. Several cricket, frog, bird related principles are added. Buffoon's Needle Drop is a real band, performing live with or without guests, based on the requirements of the site.

Current band members are:

For early thoughts about the performances, a deeper understanding of a relationship with nature can be explored. There are some general thoughts and ideas, finding themselves into hypothetical scores, unconventionally sitting apart from what is considered a score. These can be expanded, altered, dismissed and replaced, while playing them. There are guidelines for a score from how algorithms in nature are perceived (after conversion into our anthropomorphic world). Working on the score for The Japanese Great Tit, a recent article in Nature can be used as an inspiration, a blueprint.

Buffoon's Needle Drop is working on a cover version of the CD 'The singing life of birds' by Donald Kroodsma: For the live set, a battery operated interactive blackbox technology called 'Volière'is used.

For further information contact and —

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