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Proposal for a guide for documenting the weather.
You can copy this template, or freely follow it.
Add your material and descriptions to the existing date-pages. More recent days are on top.
If there is no date yet, make a new entry in the WeatherCollection main page with the date as title.

1. Title = Today or any time different before and afterwards

  • <dateformat: YYYYMMDDHHMM + unique chars>
  • <example: 201701011103 One day at the end of the universe>

1. Description of the weather today

  • <text, unlimited>

2. Picture

  • <one or more, we can put in a gallery code here, soon some info about editing and tagging>
  • <identification: GPS-data - where taken>
  • <text, unlimited>

Upload material with the Media Manager (top right 2nd from the left menu).
Please keep your files in reasonable size, 720p is good enough here.
make sure you choose namespace weatherreports in the left column, before you upload anything.
As a naming convention it would be good to give the date like for the title.
The tag for showing it could be like: {{:20161229-0810.jpg?300|}} .
This stands for <yyyymmdd> dash <hhmm> dash <whateveryouwannaadd(optional)>
and then add .wav .aiff or .jpg or .png etc…
for the sizes take something like for 1 pic 500, 2 400, 3 300
same for the soundfiles without the sizes of course…

3. Sound Recording

  • <one or more>
  • <identification: GPS-data - where taken>
  • <text, unlimited>

4. Forecast

  • <text, unlimited – transcript of interview, own ideas or necessary information, …>


  • <text, unlimited – later, during, or before, …>
  • <link-1 + comment>
  • <link-2 + comment>
  • <link-N + comment>

(right! here you can start new pages from, and whole new sections olalala… )

  • <link-1 + comment>
  • <link-2 + comment>
  • <link-N + comment>

(left! here you can start new pages from, and whole new sections olilulo… )

8. Video files

Actually Dokuwiki got a way of embedding youtube and swf files, please look at entry 20170122 for an example, there are several ways but I prefer to add an html iframe, which is also common in other wikis. The markup is:

  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
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