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Welcome to the weather collection page, for a description go to the landing area

Thinking about the weather

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This morning found the neighbour's car in a ditch, on its side, the roads are quite slippery, and over the last weeks layers after layers of ice were getting frozen into the road, it is not snowing anymore, so a hard crust of 20 cm of snow is covering the soil for the rest of the month at least, maybe we should try an igloo tomorrow, now it is approximately -6˚C open skies, going down to -8˚C in the night, the wind is blowing from the north-east at 8-9 km/h, and pressure keeps dropping from 1031 to tomorrow 1024 and humidity is hovering around 70%. Wondering how it is elsewhere. Then suddenly, around midnight a stronger gale from the east came in.


The Weather Today!

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