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The Marching Arts

Experimental times are finally back! Now the roaring twenties have fully started with an initial introspective period alone at home. There was a time to think and learn, but now is the time to come outside and explore. And create new aesthetical experiences with all the exciting new things we can (not) imagine. In search of new forms, shapes, colours and flavours, disruptions and redefined connections, new ideas of creativity. Art is back on its feet, kicking and jumping around! Let's walk, dance, sing and play together on new DIY instruments, in shared choreographies. Outdoors or virtual, let art move about…

From June 2021 on you can participate in the following online workshops:

  1. New tools for performing together, internet connected (and how to feel physically close at a geographic distance).
  2. Singing with birds across distances. Interactive score generation (but what scores do we really need?).
  3. LOVMI: low voltage music instruments. IOT & antyinstrumenty (for a New Normal Multidisciplinary Marching Band).
  4. Dva Metri: how new science insights provide new ways of dancing together, virus free (or square and other shape dancing).


A Summer Program

1. Streaming Technologies

As part of the development of The Marching Arts, the first work sessions are rather technical and meant to bring define skills and communication for the more content driven sessions later in the program.


Joint music sessions online - 202206:24-27

Participants: Krzysztof Topolski, Michal Mitro, Slavo Krekovic
Host: KRA's Gívan Belá

  • Low-latency and uncompressed Peer-to-Peer streaming with Sonobus and Jamulus (configurations, features, try-outs), VST3 plug-ins and interapplication, multichannel set-ups, and modem/router configuration for portforwarding.
  • Icecast streaming with multichannel configuration patching in Pure Data (purr-data) via Multiplace and Locusonus servers, android apps.
  • Lazy Sunday Afternoon Concert: TMA#K1

2. Ideas for Electro Digital Acoustic Marching Bands

The BioFeetPack: IOT sensors for sound
The Extended MegaPhones: messaging around

3. BirdSong Followers

Based on an idea earlier described and partially worked out in BirdSongs, there was a need for online connected and more realistic versions. It is a kind of a piece rather for a general participatory and creative audience, rather than for virtuoso singers. Some people also play an instrument that is more relevant than their own voice and asked to contribute with that. Maybe today it is also a more exciting challenge to form a virtual ensemble, which could perform online, which could perform in the open field, which could combine approaches and techniques and perform blended, which could be called Harmonia Ruina, or The-Far-From-Equilibrium-Choir, and would be hard to define.
For The Marching Arts, online recording sessions have started. Information and participation can be found in The Birdsong Sessions. Alive and Blended.

4. Dva Metri, a new normal dance

New forms of participation in music by dancing in new interactions and trajectories, the DvaMetri approach

Check out the V-concert on Next Festival 2022

The Marching Artists were: Krzysztof Topolski, Michal Mitro, Slavo Krekovic, Sara Pinhiero, Gívan Belá, Geza Bobb, Kirsten Reese, Milena Veleva and many others…

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