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The setup would be a combination of 2 different units, set up across the BBQ area at Tempelhof. Each unit would fit in with the BBQ and radio sets around, adding some live musicians on the spot(s)… For the plan or scores read the score idea section.

Vitrine/BBQ Interactives

  • Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with soundcard in/out and some sensors
  • BME680 = temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality sensor
  • PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor
  • enviro pHAT
  • mpr121 capacitive/touch sensor (12)
  • 3D tracking and gesture, RGB sensors
  • software: python, puredata
  • lcd displej and a bluetooth reproduktor
  • A111 Pulsed Radar Sensor

Walking Synthesis

  • Teensy + Prop shield (6DOF + 2 watt amp)
  • all weather speaker 2-4 watt
  • the megaphones (sd-card, record/loop, voice, aux)

SDR = software defined radio

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