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TaskList WeatherReports 2017

WindClock III development:

  • set up a constant connection with python, websockets, html5 (got stuck here for some time)
  • add waterproof temperature and ambient light sensors, went fine
  • make the first wind capturing object (the rodchenko inspiraLtion)
  • make sonification/visualisation in python on the pi (py-sound+leds)
  • max-msp: websockets receive, basic synthesis modules
    • subtractive noise filter
    • additive fm
    • karplus strong
    • formants
    • granular, phase vocoding, …
    • some machine learning on the data

Weather Reports recording, describing, imagining, synthesis:

  • working now on, how to add GPX tracks in layers, and put all the material there
  • edit and upload this month's recordings
  • make night recordings, walking in the snow, hear frogs and crickets, birds, wind
  • night pictures add, descriptions invent

Managing Creativity:

  • travels: brno (babuta, soña) and bratislava (jonas, monika, slavo, miro), athens (pre-opening)
  • communication with other WeatherCorrespondents, Greece crew make, Budapest and Warsawa contacts
  • financial status and overview
  • finalize WindClock III prototype, probably with a cheaper Teensy technology
  • multiplace server connect all
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