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... what exactly it is you're going to (not) do?

maybe this, would not think about it, but since you ask
but don’t take it for granted, most of it is live and now I am patching
things up in Max, like generative weather instruments and the like

schedule June 17th - July 8th

11.05-10 the weather brunch nighly or morning recordings and comments on weather, channels and events, forecasts (maybe talk less and less)
12.05-10 how wet are you today? calling correspondents elsewhere 2 at the same time
13.05-10 siesta time watching the sky and closing your eyes for a while, reading literary texts
14.05-10 the weather soap a filthy series about love in bad and good weather
15.05-10 not my kinda climate whispering to local guests on the graveyard if any if not not
16.05-10 how to reinvent the sky data sonification, physical weather synthesis models, and field recordings
17.05-10 the weather song everyday a new but relevant instrumental weather improvisation

maybe the sound in the background is more important
with the data from the weather stations sonified or not
and a slow mutation of the weather jingle over 20 days
(to break the kataleptic state of art and culture today)

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