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Materials and soundtracks for a Dystopia (Tempelhof Berlin 2018, 2059-64)
By Gívan Belá & Geza Roman Bobb

The split: human kind is evolving into 2 complementary categories, birds and dogs (whistling, barking and howling), and are gathered in a harmonic society that is supporting expressivity and diversity, bottom-up governing, community initiatives, consolidation and collaboration. All languages and dialects have become one again in the Future Unified Language (Unifold Langluage), while the old languages are gradually forgotten. There are no politics anymore. There are no rulers or rules as everything is getting debated in pragmatic social meetings, and decisions follow after consideration.

Based on the big cultural schismas and revolutions from the last 500 years, some of today's problems, and all of tomorrow's dreams. Ah, all these utopias, our dystopias, and your lives (2059-64). There is nothing else but DIY activities. Everything takes place in fablabs, community gardens, living rooms and parks. Private property is increasingly being abandoned, and so is art. But there is gradually less land and more water anyway. Few places are habitable or in some ways viable. There are wet and dry areas. Depending on where the people are, they are either toasted, roasted, grilled or drowned.

Succour is part of a soothing dystopia. Among the people on the eastern barbecue area of Berlin's Tempelhofer Feld, That is where Béla, Bobb and Friends live but cannot play …



C. REALIZATION (2018-2064, somewhere but not anywhere)

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